Project Description

Wentworth Villa

Originally built in 1863, Wentworth Villa, was formally home to the Ella Family and later Faith Grant’s Connoisseur Shop. The house, a later addition, and an outbuilding were designated ca 1975.  The Owners design program was for a thorough and sensitive restoration with the completed building to function as a Museum, with a small recital hall located in the later addition.

Fortunately the house had been little altered, allowing extensive sampling of materials, particularly wallpapers, to be undertaken prior to starting work.  The work was extensive, including foundations, building services, seismic upgrading, sprinkler systems, were all located to have minimal impact on the final appearance of the interiors.  Code requirements, including a second exit and accessible access were incorporated into less sensitive areas of the building.

On the exterior, the verandah was restored, and the decorative upper balustrade and entry stairs rebuilt based on archival photographs.  Other exterior elements, which were generally intact, were restored as required.

Hallmark Heritage Society – President’s Award 2016

Heritage BC, Award of Outstanding Achievement, 2016