Project Description

Mt. St. Angela

Current Status: Rezoning

The project is situated on the edge of downtown Victoria between Burdett Ave and McClure Street. The project comprises 132 rental units for seniors ranging in size from 250 sq. ft. (assisted living) to 900 sq. ft. Most are designed for a high level of independent living with 26 of the units provided for a greater level of assistance.

The site will retain three significant heritage buildings. Those include the Mount St. Angela College, Cartreff Residence (911 Burdett Ave), and the Temple Building (924 McClure Street). The 1912 Addition to the College including the port cochere, the rear annex and the connecting third floor link will be partially removed. This will allows the building to be brought back to its original state when constructed in 1864.

The new construction has been sited to allow for the existing heritage buildings to dominate the streetscape on both streets. The scale and height of the new buildings have also been carefully modulated to not overpower the site, and use the cross slope to reduce the mass and guide the site planning.