Project Description

McBride Residence

Current Status: Completed

Originally built in 1899 as a single storey, single family residence, the house was designated in 1977. The current Owners bought the house in 2015 with the plan to create a front and back duplex.

The house was stripped, and lifted to allow a full height basement, then lowered back on to new foundations awhile maintaining the same distance to grade. The front suite, constructed in the original portion of the house is home to a family of 4, with full access to the new basement that includes a play area and new wine storage room. The attic was built out to include full master ensuite with access to an exterior deck, two smaller bedrooms and second bathroom, all built into the sloped ceilings as the Owners wanted to create as much space as possible. The Owners wanted the front two rooms to be restored, including the wainscoting, doors, and trim, and reproduction period wallpaper.  A small addition was constructed for the new rear suite, which has a contemporary feel with a glazed opening wall, updated finishes, skylights and high ceilings.

The exterior was restored, including reinstalling the stone facing for the foundation, replicating decorative trim using paint shadows, replacing deteriorated wood finishes, and dismantling and rebuilding both chimneys.  The new construction reflects the design of the original house, but is clearly differentiated in its design and detailing.