Project Description

Heritage Houses at Capital Park

As part of the Capital Park development, five heritage designated houses located on the site were to be relocated and restored. Two houses, 524 and 526 Michigan, were relocated off site, and the other three were located to form a grouping at the corner of Government and Michigan Streets.

The buildings are:

  1. 580 Michigan St. (originally 521 Superior) Jameson residence, constructed 1892, moved from 522 Superior in 1910
  2. 584 Michigan St. (originally 545 Superior): Black residence, constructed 1891
  • 588 Michigan St. (originally 539 Superior): John Residence, 1891-92

After relocation, new foundations were formed and interiors were dismantled, made necessary to allow for upgrading to current codes. The conversion of the buildings to rental accommodation was achieved with only minor changes to the room layouts, and almost no exterior alterations.  Chimneys rebuilt from the roof level to incorporate seismic requirements.  Windows were generally rebuilt, although some were too badly deteriorated to repair.  Porches and entry stairs were rebuilt, using original materials, or accurate reproductions as necessary. The buildings returned to their original relationships to grade, and with brick facing to match the original details and scale.  Replacement siding, shingles, and trim was milled and installed where required, while every effort was made to retain the original exterior fabric.

Although the intended use precluded significant interior restoration, the entry halls in the three buildings were restored, including their art glass windows, handrails and stairs.  Where exterior changes were required, for example the fire escapes, the solutions were contemporary in nature, clearly differentiating them from the original construction.

Hallmark Heritage Society – Award of Merit 2017